What to look for in a high chair

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There aren’t that many baby products that have adult counterparts. You don’t need to match your baby’s playpen or stroller to yours because they’re in a category of their own. High chairs, on the other hand, are going to have their own seat at the table. How can you make sure you’re choosing a high chair that can hold its own with the grown-up seats? There are a few key things to look for.


You definitely want your little one to stay safe all the way up in that chair, right? The high chair you choose should keep your baby secure and snug as a bug. You’ll want to make sure that it can’t be easily tipped over, that it won’t accidentally fold up while in use, and that your child won’t slip out of it.

To avoid buying a high chair that could tip over, look at chairs that have an extension on the back of the legs to provide more stability. A five-point harness is also a good indicator that a high chair was built with safety in mind.


You want a high chair that’s built to last, but that’s not all. Is it also easy to clean? How long can a child use it? The ideal high chair will be sturdy, without small breakable parts, and streamlined, without little nooks and crannies that will be difficult to clean.

It’s also important to consider how long your baby will be able to use the high chair you purchase. Many high chairs only hold a child up to 50 pounds, meaning that even in the best-case scenario, you’ll only be using it for a few years. The Tripp Trapp® chair is made of solid beechwood and built to grow with your little one, adjusting to fit a six-month-old, toddler, and teenager, and beyond! It supports up to 300 pounds, making it one of the most durable high chairs out there.


If your baby isn’t comfortable in their high chair, it’s going to make mealtime a little more difficult for everyone. To avoid a ticket to Squirmtown, look for a high chair built to support your baby and grow with them. High chairs that fit a baby carrier or have inserts to support a baby will provide maximum comfort and grow with your child.

Another thing that makes babies feel comfortable is being able to see their parents. Being at the same level as everyone else encourages interaction and bonding. The Tripp Trapp® high chair is designed to put babies on their parents’ level and promote eye contact between parent and child. Because of the space restrictions of other high chairs, babies are often forced away from the table. With the Tripp Trapp®, babies can pull right up. Not only does this high chair grow with your baby, it also helps the two of you grow closer.


Just because it’s a chair for a baby doesn’t mean it has to be an eyesore. Many high chairs are made of bulky plastic that easily shows signs of wear, but the Tripp Trapp® is built to blend in with adult furniture. With beautiful Scandinavian design, customizable accessories, and many different color options, the Tripp Trapp® looks beautiful in any home.

Many high chairs have a few of these qualities, but the Tripp Trapp® goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the child. To learn more about how the Tripp Trapp® grows with your baby and encourages parent-child connection, tap the button below.

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