How to add homecooked meals and babysitting to your registry

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Some of the most useful things that could be on your registry aren’t even things – they’re services. The BabyList universal registry tool allows you to shop for anything, from anywhere, and let your friends and family support you in ways that go way beyond typical gifts.

Favor coupons

That diamond-encrusted stroller is amazing, but some of your friends are going to want to get you something a little less extravagant. BabyList, a universal registry, lets you add favors to your registry. They designed cute coupons for them too! Your friends can sign up to lend a hand with cooking, cleaning, or babysitting. You can even ask them to bring you some gently used hand-me-downs if you don’t want a bunch of new onesies that your baby will only wear once.

Meal services

With a new baby, making healthy meals often takes a back seat to changing, breastfeeding, and trying to catch up on sleep. If your friends and family aren’t able to keep you fed (maybe they’ve got newborns of their own!), there are a number of great meal services you can sign up for on the web. With BabyList, you can register for the perfect service to meet your needs.

House cleaning

The last thing you’ll want to do when you’ve finally put baby down for a nap is to go sweep the kitchen. Signing up for a monthly house cleaning service can be reasonably affordable, and it’s one of the greatest gifts someone can give a family with a newborn. Your friends and family will be happy knowing that something they picked from your registry gave you time to relax.

Cold hard cash

You’ve heard of a honeyfund for honeymoons, right? Well, time to meet the babyfund! We’ve all been in the position at one point or another of buying someone a gift you’re not totally sure about; wouldn’t it be easier if you could just give them the money? BabyList now allows your friends and family to gift you cash you can put toward a college fund, diaper fund, or adorable baby shoes fund!

Just about anything else

No matter what you decide to put on your registry, BabyList has you covered. Not only can you add fun registry items like meals and favors, you can also add any item from any store! It’s a true all-in-one registry where you can keep track of everything you really need. Tap the button below to sign up now!

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