What’s the best way to soothe your baby?

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Crying babies are basically fitness trainers — they make you run around, lift them up, and collapse into bed exhausted at the end of the day. But with the right infant seat, white noise, knee-bouncing skills, and a little luck, you’ll find that there’s almost always a way to soothe your baby.

1. Bounce, bounce

Your first instinct as a parent is usually a pretty good one! Bouncing your baby, whether on your knee, in your arms, or above your head, is often a great way to calm a fussy baby. You might even get a giggle out of them. There are a couple tried-and-true methods of bouncing if you’re looking for specifics.

A gentle, steady bounce on your knee can often do the trick. You could also scoop your baby up in your arms, raise them up to one side, dip them toward the ground, and raise them up again to the other side. There’s also the standard rock-a-bye method, where you slowly rock your baby back and forth, back and forth.

2. Make some noise

We tend to think of the womb as a calm, relaxing place, but it’s actually pretty noisy in there. It’s possible that your baby is crying because they miss the beautiful, ambient sounds of your stomach grumbling.

To console your baby, consider putting on some white noise, like the sound of rain or the ocean. This could help reduce outside stimulants and help your baby feel relaxed. You could also try some of your own music; have you introduced your baby to your favorite band yet? Music that relaxes you could do the same for your little one.

3. Take a ride

You used to love your car like a baby, and now your baby loves your car. Something about the turns, stops, and vibrations from the engine turns your vehicle into a baby-calming machine. You can enhance this experience by making sure your baby is ultra-comfortable in their car seat and playing some gentle music from the radio.

Rides don’t even have to be limited to the car! If your baby won’t stop fussing, pop them in the stroller and go for a walk. If the weather isn’t ideal for a stroll, you can always rock your baby back and forth in their car seat and trick them into thinking they’re getting the ride of their life.

4. Use an infant seat

One wonderful thing about infant seats is how they can combine all three of the above calming methods. The mamaRoo from 4moms was actually designed to mimic parents’ natural soothing motions – it even has a specific “car ride” motion setting.

The mamaRoo has five unique motions and speeds to help calm your baby, and it comes with a toy mobile to entertain them. For babies who love white noise, the seat has four built-in sounds, and you can also connect it to any MP3 device and play music from your personal library. Oh, and you can control all motions, speeds, and sounds right from your phone.

For soothing action that replicates parents’ natural motions, try the mamaRoo.

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