Preimplantation genetic screening benefits through your health plan

Preimplantation genetic screening allows fertility specialists to examine embryos after they’ve been fertilized. It’s a way for specialists to screen embryos and transfer the ones that have the best chance of implantation. If you are enrolled in the PPO Plus or EPO (In-network only) health plan through Uber, you have the option to receive preimplantation genetic screening through Progyny, a healthcare company that specializes in infertility services.

What is preimplantation genetic screening (PGS)?

Preimplantation genetic screening can be an option for those undergoing IVF. After your eggs are retrieved and fertilized with sperm in a laboratory, the specialist takes a cell biopsy to examine the embryos. The specialist determines if any embryos have too few or too many chromosomes, or if the chromosomes have structural problems. This allows the specialist to select embryos that appear the most viable.

How is it helpful?

An embryo with chromosomal abnormalities is less likely to implant, which can result in pregnancy loss. Preimplantation genetic screening increases the chances that a pregnancy will be successful.

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