Registry spotlight: Amazon Baby

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You’re familiar with, right? If not, we’re jealous that you get to discover it for the first time. Amazon is an online marketplace that features just about any item you can think of. If you become an Amazon Prime member, you can receive free 2-day shipping on most items and get access to Amazon Video, Amazon Music, and a ton of other great services.

Okay, that’s the intro to Amazon, so why might you want to open your registry with them?

Huge selection and tons of reviews

Amazon isn’t always the easiest site to navigate, and that’s often because there are just so many items available. While it might take you some additional digging to find the perfect item for your family, those shopping your registry will have an easy time making purchases through Amazon’s familiar interface.

Perhaps the best thing about Amazon is the amount of user feedback they receive, making it a reliable way to find and compare quality and affordable options.

When you create an Amazon registry, they’ll provide you with some useful lists of their highest rated essentials, which makes getting your registry started a lot easier, and makes the whole process more manageable. We love that their recommendations are based on the feedback from actual moms using the actual products.

A universal registry in your browser

A universal registry allows you to add any item to your registry, from any store. It can be hard to imagine something not being available on a site as large as Amazon, but maybe you’ve got some unique tastes!

With the Amazon 1Button app, you can add any item from anywhere to your registry. This means that you’ll only ever need the one registry, no matter where you find that thing you just can’t live without. Amazon 1Button is a simple browser plugin/app that’s always with you while you explore the web.

The completion discount

A service that’s unique to Amazon is their Completion Discount. You can save 10% (15% for Prime members) on any item leftover on your registry. This is a great offering to help you make sure you get absolutely everything you need for your child at an affordable price.

Saying thank you

The Amazon Registry keeps track of which loved one purchased which gift for you so you can easily say thank you.

Ready to register?

If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, the Amazon registry is probably perfect for you. If you’re new to Amazon, there are a lot more great features to learn about. Tap the button below to get started with your Amazon Baby Registry.

Start your Amazon registry

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