Cost-savers for life with multiples

If you’ve always been a thrifty person, then you can consider life with twins or higher-order multiples your time to shine. Or if you never got the hang of cutting financial corners, well, they say life is the ultimate classroom.

It does take more money to raise multiples than a singleton, so it’s a really good idea to try and save what you can, when you can. Over time you’ll find that there a lot of ways to get what you need for less.

Buy cheaper gear when possible

The price of baby gear can really add up. And while there are some things you really do have to spend money on, there are other things on which you don’t need to break the bank. Whenever you can, try to find hand-me-downs, used items for sale in your neighborhood, or even things that you can borrow for a while.

For example, early on, your babies will be small enough to bathe in the sink, so you don’t have to spend on bath products until they’re large enough to sit up in the bath. For baby clothes or diaper bags, try a thrift or consignment store. These stores have clothes that your little ones will find perfectly fashionable, but for cheaper than you otherwise might find them.

Hold off on certain purchases

Things like high chairs and toys probably won’t be necessary until your little ones are a few months old, so for the time being, direct your checkbook elsewhere. And you never know: by the time you’re ready to buy, you may have a good lead on a hand-me-down version.

Bulk, bulk, and more bulk

Obviously you don’t have to come home with 50 packs of 30 diapers (on second thought, maybe you do), but there are a lot of products that will cost less if you buy them in large amounts. Powdered baby formula is one of these products. Baby wipes, burp clothes, and – you guessed it – diapers are others.

Promotions, deals, and mom discounts, oh my!

Lots of websites offer ‘mom discounts,’ as well as deals for parents of multiples, in-store and online coupons, and special promotions. These savings really add up, so they’re worth some online sleuth time for sure!

Be ‘that person’ with gifts you don’t need

You’ll get a lot of gifts that you can use, but what about the occasional gift that you don’t need or that you already have? In these cases, it’s in your best interest to return the items when possible or to exchange them for items that you’re desperate for. Yes, you might have to explain to a relative where the baby wipe warmer went, but they’ll understand when you tell them the money went towards actual baby wipes.

Put away money whenever possible

Even the smallest bit of money stored away helps in the long run. The little things really add up, and you’ll want to have money saved for checkups, childcare, and other future costs.

If this seems overwhelming, rest assured that over time you’ll get the hang of things. And it will probably take trial and error to figure out what works for your family, cost-wise.

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