Twins and mysterious connections

Everywhere you look, you see stories of multiples who share a certain connection. A connection that allows them to understand each other’s thoughts before they speak. A connection that helps them sense what the other is feeling when they’re hundreds of miles apart. A connection that makes it so the multiples can feel each other’s pain.

It sounds dramatic enough that you have to wonder: is this connection real?

Universal rules for multiples?

Yes, many multiples have an extremely close connection. This is mainly due to the fact that lots of them tend to have spent a ton of time together, and also because as they grow up, many multiples also tend to share a lot of the same interests.

But there really isn’t anything that you could say that would be true of every group of multiples. Some multiples even report not being that close in adulthood. It’s really impossible to say that every single group of multiples shares a strong connection, let alone a mysterious one.

Scientific evidence?

People have been wondering this for hundreds of years, actually. And they’ve been studying it for just as long. But there isn’t any solid scientific evidence to prove that multiples can actually read each other’s’ minds or influence each other from afar. There are lots of stories about it – many of which could be true! – but unfortunately, no real proof that a paranormal bond exists.

There have been some really crazy stories about multiples and the connection that they have. People might have told you about them when they heard you were having multiples. We can’t be sure about the truth to these stories, but let’s face it: ultimately, the evidence suggests that your multiples’ bond is less of a sixth sense, and more a ‘sibling sense.’

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