Well-child visit: 12 months

Now that Baby is a year old, they are on track for a bunch of new milestones, a few new and old vaccine doses, and their very first dentist appointment – so don’t forget to list them on your dental plan.

At the appointment 

Baby might get the last dose of the vaccine for pneumococcal conjugate and the first dose for measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella. If they need a fourth dose for haemophilus influenzae, that will be given at either this appointment or the 15-month visit.

It also might be about time for your child’s first dental checkup, and their healthcare provider might be able to give you some advice about finding a dentist, helping Baby brush their teeth, and avoiding finger sucking.

At this appointment, your healthcare provider might be looking for milestones like banging toys together, waving goodbye, imitating you, standing with assistance, drinking from a cup, speaking a few words, babbling, crying when you leave, handing you books, following directions, and playing peekaboo.

Questions to ask

It’s been about a full year of having Baby around; does that mean you also have a year of questions? The second you think you have this whole parenting thing figured out, Baby goes and gets older. As you navigate every day with a slightly older child, consider asking your healthcare provider some questions like this:

  • How important is a napping schedule, and how do I implement one?
  • What kind of bedtime routine should Baby have?
  • Are short time-outs an appropriate strategy for discipline?
  • How normal is fear of strangers at this age?
  • How many times a day should Baby be eating?

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