Well-child visit: 2 years 

Because there probably isn’t too much on the schedule at this appointment, it’s a really good opportunity to consult the healthcare provider with any questions you might have and learn more about Baby‘s current and future development.

At the appointment

Unless you’re on a catch-up immunization schedule, there won’t be any vaccines at this appointment. The healthcare provider will log Baby‘s growth and development, and now their record spans an entire two years!

At a certain point, it seems like there are infinite milestones to be reached because milestones become more nuanced as your child gets older. In this appointment, the healthcare provider might be looking for milestones like stacking several blocks, walking up the stairs while holding the railing, putting two words together, throwing a ball overhand, or turning book pages one at a time.

Questions to ask

Good questions to think about as you’re paying a visit to the healthcare provider are ones related to Baby‘s health and wellness. Having a good understanding of how they are gaining weight, how often they have been sick, and how they are eating will enable you to ask informed questions about their health. You could also ask some questions like these:

  • Should I limit Baby‘s TV time?
  • How should I read to to Baby to increase their understanding?
  • When can I start teaching Baby how to ride a bike or tricycle?
  • How do I make sure my forward-facing car seat is safe and installed correctly?
  • What can I do to help Baby develop emotionally?

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