Well-child visit: 2 ½ years

Your child should go in for a dental checkup at least once a year, so if you haven’t been to the dentist since Baby‘s one-year appointment, it might be time to schedule a checkup. Your healthcare provider might also be able to refer you to a hearing or vision specialist if an ear or eye checkup is necessary.

At the appointment

There likely won’t be an immunizations at this appointment unless your healthcare provider has placed you on a catch-up schedule. This might leave you with a little extra time to talk to your healthcare provider about your family’s health, your child’s hearing and vision, and getting ready for preschool.

As always, there are some fun milestones your healthcare provider will be checking for. These might include jumping in place, putting on clothes, washing hands solo, playing make-believe, talking with three or four words at a time, understanding correct animal sounds, brushing teeth without help, and being able to point out several body parts.

Questions to ask

You’ve been a baby safety expert for about two years now (or at least, close enough to an expert). Now, you’re working on becoming a toddler safety expert. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about health or safety during this time with your healthcare provider. Some of you questions might look like this:

  • Is Baby ready for preschool, and how do I prepare them?
  • What kind of activities should Baby and I be doing together?
  • How can I help Baby with grammar?
  • What’s the best way to establish family-wide rules around Baby?
  • What’s the safest way for Baby to be around new animals? 

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