When you’re tired of all the tracking

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You’ve been TTC for a while, and it’s no surprise that the daily grind of logging all your data has gotten a bit tiresome. We’ve got tips to help you stick with it.

Let yourself ignore symptoms

Is that spotting or implantation bleeding? Is my resting heart rate going up because I’m nervous, or because I’m pregnant? What’s with this sudden nausea?!

It’s endlessly frustrating that the common early signs of pregnancy are the same symptoms that come with most periods. Give yourself permission to ignore them. You’re not a fortune teller, and convincing yourself that something is a pregnancy sign is likely to set yourself up for unnecessary disappointment. Let a positive pregnancy test be a surprise!

Make the most of your little routines

The longer you’re TTC, the more tiny rituals you’re likely to create. It’s easy to feel silly or self conscious about them, but you shouldn’t! Make them your own.

Maybe you name your egg every cycle, maybe you’ve got a good luck dance you do while waiting for test results, or maybe you stay still for precisely 10 minutes after having sex…whatever you do, these little routines can make the TTC journey a lot less stressful.

Are there fun, or beneficial routines you can make for yourself? For example, you could create a “crummy jar” where every time you get down or have a negative experience, you throw in a dollar. Then, when you really need to blow off steam, you’ve got a little bank you can use to go do something fun.

Get your partner involved

It’s easy to feel lonely when you’ve been quietly entering the same data every day for a few months. Remember that you have a partner, or a support network, and that you’re not alone.

Whether it’s helping put a smile on your face or taking part in a few fun rituals, you shouldn’t feel like you’ve got to travel the bumpy parts of this road by yourself.

General tracking fatigue

You know how important it is to log your fertility info…regularly…constantly…you know! It can get exhausting.

Have you considered the Clearblue Fertility Monitor? It’s a touchscreen monitor that makes tracking as simple as possible. You can set an alarm so that the Clearblue Fertility Monitor will prompt you when it’s time to take an ovulation test during the 10 days each cycle you need to measure your hormones. It then reads your test, records your results in an easy-to-read calendar view, and lets you know the outcome. This isn’t just useful information for you, but for your OB-GYN as well.

In a study of nearly 1,000 women, using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor was shown to improve users’ chances of conceiving by 82%1. Unlike most ovulation prediction tests, Clearblue Fertility Monitor looks for two hormones (estrogen and LH), which allows it to detect several high fertility days in addition to peak fertility. This allows you more flexibility in your TTC efforts, and allows you to maximize your opportunities to conceive.

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is a neat device, and something every woman experiencing tracking fatigue should take a look at. Tap the button below to find out more, and start enjoying tracking again with Clearblue.

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  • In the first cycle of use vs not using Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. Study of 991 women in the US (2002)
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