Why diaper rash is so common

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One thing every baby with a diaper rash has in common is the fact that they’ve worn a diaper. The fit, materials it’s made of, and frequency of changing are all contributors to the development of this common skin irritation.

Until someone invents another sanitary solution for babies, it seems like diapers aren’t going anywhere. The solution is getting better at using the diapers you’ve got, and choosing a better diaper when you can.

Frequent changing

A wet diaper that’s left on can expose a baby to urine and feces which irritate the skin. This is why so many diapers focus on absorbency. The more wetness a diaper can suck up, the less moisture is left to irritate a baby’s skin. Some diapers even have wetness indicators so you can tell when they’ve been soiled without having to check or wait for your baby to tell you.

It can be difficult to keep up with the incredible number of wet diapers a baby is able to produce, especially during nighttime hours. Try to get in the habit of making a quick change a part of those late-night feedings.

Proper fit

If something doesn’t fit right, it can chafe and irritate your skin. The worst thing is being between sizes.

Like a new shoe that you’ve got to break in, your quickly growing newborn may be stuck wearing a slightly-too-tight diaper for a while. You can help protect their delicate skin with a good baby-lotion, like a band-aid you’d wear to prevent inevitable new-shoe blisters.

Better materials

The last things that makes diaper rash so common is just what’s in the diaper. Whether it’s the materials used to manufacture it, or the chemicals used to keep it smelling fresh, minor irritations and allergic reactions are common. These can slowly get worse as baby wears the same kind of diaper day after day.

Newborn, fresh start

Getting rid of diaper rash once it’s there can be hard. The best thing you can do is keep your baby’s skin dry and wait for it to heal. A better diaper can help you avoid diaper rash entirely. This is especially important for your gentle newborn.

Our partners at Bambo Nature make a premium diaper that managers to perform better than generic diapers, while also being one of the most eco-friendly diapers on the planet.

Bambo Nature Diapers are breathable, which keeps your baby’s skin dry and safe between changes. They have a super absorbent core, but unlike other diapers the materials it’s made from have been certified as sustainably sourced.

These diapers also have flexible side panels and adjustable fasteners for a good fit that still gives your baby plenty of room to move around. Lastly, they’re hypoallergenic, meaning they contain no ingredients shown to be locally irritating.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is choose a better diaper. Consider having some Bambo Nature Diapers sized for newborns on hand for those first days home from the hospital.

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