Why fertility treatment is so expensive

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There are a number of different kinds of fertility treatments, and their costs can vary from hundreds of dollars, to tens of thousands. While the prices can be really different, the reasons each service is so expensive are generally the same.

Insurance doesn’t cover it

Currently only 15 states have laws requiring some insurance coverage for infertility treatment. However, even in those states there are limits and not all treatment costs are covered – meaning there’s still considerable out of pocket costs.

In states without any infertility coverage, most employer-sponsored insurance plans provide little to no support for fertility and IVF services. Health insurance plans will usually (but not always) pay for services related to testing for infertility. Once a diagnosis has been established, many plans won’t actually pay for fertility related services.

Paying out of pocket for medical services is always expensive, that’s why finding out what your employer-specific insurance plan covers is a really important first step.

No negotiated rates

When you receive other medical services from an in-network provider, your insurance carrier has pre-negotiated a special rate for services every patient receives under that plan. Because advanced fertility treatments aren’t usually covered, there are no ‘negotiated’ rates. Individuals don’t have the same negotiating power as major insurers, so couples need to speak to multiple providers and compare prices to find quality services at a reasonable cost.

Different vendors for different services

Price comparisons can be difficult. A fertility center will provide treatment services by doctors and nurses, but they don’t buy the required medications. If you’re considering genetic testing, that is also typically done through a company outside the fertility center.

Depending on the rates these third parties provide for meds and testing, the total bill for fertility treatment through one fertility clinic could be very different than another. When comparing prices, look at the total costs of all services, and not just the ones provided by the clinic itself. Shopping around for each of these services could save you a significant amount of money.

Bundling services saves

If you are beginning to consider fertility treatment, you might want to have a conversation with a Fertility Coach through our partners at WINFertility. They’re offering users of Ovia Fertility the opportunity to speak with one of their specially trained coaches for free. Ask questions, get the facts, and learn about options to take the next step in your conception journey.

When it comes time to explore treatment options, especially as you’re pricing them out, WINFertility is a service you’ll want to keep in mind. They work with fertility clinics, drug manufacturers, pharmacies, and genetic screening providers to bundle services into one package with a flat price. This lets WINFertility offer prices up to 40% less than retail fee-for-service treatment plans and medications.

WINFertility provides high-quality, industry leading fertility services that lets patients benefit from negotiated rates and transparent pricing, the same as large insurers do.

If you have a moment, tap the button below to speak with a WINFertility Coach. They’re available from 8:30am – 8:00pm ET. If you have questions, you can get answers, and if you aren’t sure what to ask, you can find out what conversations you might want to start having.

Speak with a fertility coach

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