Natural ways to relieve stress

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There are little moments of stress throughout the day for most people. If you’re trying to conceive, there’s often an additional layer of stress on top of everything. It can be more difficult to conceive when you’re stressed, which can actually make you feel more stressed, making it difficult to conceive, making you feel stressed… There are also other effects of stress, like high blood pressure and anxiety, that can be harmful to your health.

A little bit of stress is fine, but too much stress can be a cause for concern. If you have stress that’s interfering with your life, your healthcare provider might recommend a course of treatment that includes therapy or medication. In addition to that, you might find success using some natural approaches to stress relief.

There are a few remedies you might be familiar with, as well as some newer science around stress relief. Ever heard of vagus nerve stimulation? There’s actually a headband called Wayv that uses vagus nerve stimulation to relieve stress. Your options for stress relief just keep growing!

Well-known remedies

  • Aroma: Many people find that scents like lavender, sandalwood, and chamomile help them relax and unwind. Pair one of those scents with a hot bath for a little bit of natural stress relief at the end of the day.
  • Chocolate: Eating a little chocolate probably won’t do much to relieve your body’s stress response, but a study published in the International Journal of Health Science found that eating dark or milk chocolate can help with perceived stress.
  • Exercise: Speaking of endorphins, exercise is a favorite stress reliever for many people because of the endorphins released while working out. Exercise gets you moving, keeps you from sitting in place for a little while, and keeps you healthy.

Alternative remedies

  • Acupuncture: Many people find that acupuncture works for them as a stress reliever, either through healing the body with the balance of yin and yang or through increasing blood circulation and releasing endorphins.
  • Vagus nerve stimulation: The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in your body, touching almost every organ and sending instructions to release enzymes and proteins in your body. By stimulating the vagus nerve, you can tell your body to relax by releasing acetylcholine, a natural way to relieve stress.

As cool as the effects are, vagus nerve stimulation isn’t exactly something you can visit a masseuse for. To achieve the natural stress relieving effects of a vagus nerve massage, consider Wayv.

Wayv is a headband that provides a gentle massage to your vagus nerve through low-power vibrating motors, like the ones in electric toothbrushes. The motor sends acoustic waves through the skin to nerve mechanoreceptors that stimulate nerves and tell your body to relax. Wayv is noninvasive technology that allows you to unwind and counteract stress without taking time away from all the things you have to do.

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