Why oxygen circulation is vital in the nursery

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The perfect color scheme can transform your nursery design, but it’s actually what you can’t see that matters most in your nursery. Oxygen circulation in the nursery makes your baby’s room safer, and it’s been shown to lower the risk of SIDS.

Whether your little one is sleeping in your room or a room of their own, you want nothing more than for them to be safe. You can take steps to create a safe nursery by avoiding hazards like non-regulation cribs, exposed cords and outlets, crib bumpers, and unsecured furniture. However, even with every precaution, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is still a concern.

One reason for this is that no one is sure what causes SIDS, which often happens during sleep. To help prevent SIDS, parents place their children on their backs in their cribs, keep the crib empty except for a firm mattress and tight-fitting sheet, and try to keep their little ones from getting overheated.

Another important method for reducing the risk of SIDS is to have good oxygen circulation and airflow in the room where your baby sleeps. A study from UC Berkeley published in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine showed that having a fan in the room lowered the risk of SIDS by 72%. Airflow in the nursery is an important part of sleep safety, and there are many ways to improve airflow and oxygen circulation, including:

  • Installing (or turning on) an overhead fan
  • Using a window fan
  • Cleaning out vents
  • Opening doors and/or windows
  • Checking ductwork for holes or damage

These suggestions can help improve airflow and oxygen circulation, but installing new fans or repairing ductwork can get expensive, and you can’t leave windows open all year. Open windows could also let dust into the room, causing additional problems.

Our partners at Oliver B & Co. are dedicated to increasing airflow in the nursery because they understand the tremendous impact it can have in improving safety and lowering the risk of SIDS. They created their crib slat covers to allow air to pass through the crib and cushion the sides without the risks that come with crib bumpers.

Now, Oliver B & Co. is going even further to improve airflow in the nursery. They’ve created the airbOX fan, an air circulator that plugs right into your wall outlet and moves oxygen throughout the room. Because it plugs into the wall, it naturally sits a few feet off the ground, covering your outlet while eliminating the dangers associated with cords. The airbOX also serves as a white noise machine and an LED nightlight – the adorable cloud shape and color choices are just a bonus.

Oliver B & Co. understand how important nursery safety is to you. To increase oxygen circulation in your nursery and ventilate in style, consider the airbOX fan.

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