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Quiz: What’s your baby’s future career?

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Being pregnant is kind of like using a Magic 8 Ball. You look at a round object, wondering about the future, and only coming up with vague ideas about what will happen next. You won’t know much about your little one’s future career prospects until they grow up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t guess! Maybe a few questions can help you predict your baby’s future career.

This quiz is brought to you by our partners at Gerber Life, who know a lot about planning for the future. What’s to come for your little one?

How ready are you for your baby’s future?

I already set up child life insurance and a savings account
I’m not an expert; I’ll just see what happens!
I’ve got my pediatrician on speed dial
Honestly, I’m freaking out, but I’m very excited!

What would be your ideal career for your little one?

A doctor, duh
Engineers make good money, right?
My child will be a free spirit, probably an artist
Something up and coming, maybe in tech?

When you picture visiting your little one in their future home, what does it look like?

A little bohemian apartment in the city
It’s a traditional suburban home, right next to mine
A gorgeous penthouse loft
A little cabin on the lake – I need a vacation spot!

What kind of toys do you have?

A variety of things!
Trucks, blocks, and I have my eye on a play kitchen!
Babies don’t know what toys are; they play with empty boxes!
Only toys with a clear developmental purpose!

What college major will you be rooting for?

This baby kicked in Morse code, so probably communications
Not sure, but they will definitely be going on an athletic scholarship
Something in the sciences: biology, psychology, chemistry, I’m flexible!
Anything so long as they are happy…but a high salary is a plus

What are your plans for saving for college?

I’m sticking a piggy bank in the nursery, what comes next is up to baby
A vague idea, I still need to work some specifics out
Yep, I’m planning to borrow against the child life insurance we set up!
Funny that you ask, I just won the lottery, so we’re good


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