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Causes for green or yellow vaginal discharge

You can learn a lot about the health of your vagina by looking at your discharge. Vaginal discharge is different than urine; it’s the fluid that shows up on your underwear. Green or yellow discharge usually has a frothy texture and a foul odor, and you should know that this kind of discharge is likely a sign of infection.

What it means

Green or yellow discharge is most often caused by a vaginal infection. These include UTIs, vaginitis, yeast infections, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis. These infections can be spread with or without sex, and they might be accompanied with symptoms like itching or burning around the vagina, or pain during urination.


To prevent infection in general, keep good hygiene habits, wear clean and breathable underwear, and be careful during intercourse. Some infections can be treated with antibiotics, but you will definitely want to meet with your healthcare provider regardless to get a diagnosis and discuss your options if you notice green or yellow vaginal discharge, and any other symptoms. If you’re pregnant, seeking medical attention for green or yellow discharge becomes even more important.

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