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Increased thirst: Do you need to drink more water?

In addition to feeling like you need to drink something, increased thirst can cause you to have dry mouth and a frequent need to urinate.

The cause for increased thirst

If you feel excessively thirsty, the most likely culprit is dehydration, so drink more water, and drink it regularly. Women are especially likely to be dehydrated when they’re pregnant, since they need to drink even more water. Excessive thirst may also be a symptom of diabetes, but the vast majority of instances of increased thirst aren’t related to diabetes.


Drink, drink, and drink some more! Salty foods can make you even more thirsty, so you might want to cut some out to relieve the insatiability. Stay away from sugary, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks, as these are not particularly hydrating. Sticking with water and juices without artificial sweetener is the best way to make sure you’re always refreshed. You don’t want to force yourself to drink too much water, but you should definitely be aware of your intake, and whether you need more or not.

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