How to actually get comfortable during pregnancy

Some are easier, some are more difficult, but every pregnancy comes with its share of discomfort. First there’s morning sickness, then a growing body, and then a lovely little medley of swollen feet, fatigue, and random pains. But with that beautiful pregnancy glow, it all evens out, right? You’re working hard to make a new person, so take advantage of some things that can make life easier and more comfortable.

Your clothes

Once your belly is too big to fit in the pants and shorts you know and love, it can be a struggle to feel comfortable. Luckily, you have a couple options here. If you want to extend the life and waistband of your pants, there are little kits you can buy that put extra fabric between the loop and button to help them fit during pregnancy.

If you don’t think that will work for you (some women have wider hips during pregnancy, meaning their regular pants wouldn’t fit anyway), another option is a mini shopping spree. There are ways to shop selectively and find clothes that you’ll be able to wear during and after pregnancy. Stretchy pants, flowy tops, or maxi dresses and skirts work really well as your body goes through changes.

Your meals

That sandwich you couldn’t live without before pregnancy might smell totally disgusting to you now. The way things taste and smell to you changes during pregnancy, making mealtime a little bit more of a puzzle.

As you’re learning what foods make you uncomfortable (smell, taste, indigestion, etc.), consider keeping a list. And because pregnant women are already more prone to heartburn and nausea, try to avoid fried or processed foods. Chewing gum and trying not to eat too close to bedtime can also help. When in doubt about what to eat, look for something lean or green.

Your sleep

Many women feel fatigued during pregnancy, and then their bodies come along and make it harder to sleep. Getting with a pregnancy pillow like the Leachco Snoogle can help you sleep better and feel more comfortable during the night. This pillow was actually an Ovia Family Award winner for best sleep pillow this year!

The Leachco Snoogle was designed to follow the natural contour of a pregnant woman’s body, and the horseshoe-shaped head pillow lets you adjust to the position that’s just right for you. You can also reposition the pillow after pregnancy and use it for breastfeeding support.

If you need a little extra sleepy time support, the Leachco Snoogle could be a great product for you. Tap the button below to add it to your Amazon cart.

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