What is cervical cap insemination?

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Couples who have been TTC for a while, or would like to optimize their chances while trying, should consider trying cervical cap insemination (CCI). Tracking with Ovia will help you pinpoint your most fertile days, and CCI can help you make the most of them.

How it works

The vaginal environment can actually be quite toxic to sperm cells. Like a 6AM yoga class, it’s in their best interest to be there, but they might not make it out in one piece.

A single ejaculate contains millions of sperm, and the odds are against them that even one will reach an egg. CCI allows sperm to bypass the vaginal environment, assisting the chances of conception.

The process is pretty simple. The male partner ejaculates into a special condom with a cervical cap, then using an applicator, that cervical cap is placed deep inside the vagina so that it rests against the cervix, transferring the sperm to it. Cervical mucus is a more hospitable environment for spermatozoa than the vagina, and having many more sperm there will help you take advantage of your fertile window.

Why try it

  • Private and intimate

    Our partners at The Stork OTC make an FDA cleared, over-the-counter cervical cap insemination device you can use at home. The instructions are simple, and it doesn’t require a visit to the doctor. In fact, if you order it online you don’t even have to go to the store!
  • Noninvasive

    There are no needles or surgeries necessary with cervical cap insemination. In addition, it’s a drug-free option, which can be really important for some couples depending on their individual health.
  • CCI is affordable

    Most fertility interventions are quite expensive, typically costing several thousand dollars. You can try CCI for less than a hundred dollars. Even if you don’t use an over-the-counter method, it’s likely to be far less expensive than other techniques.
  • It’s effective

    A 2016 study showed that The Stork OTC delivers three times more sperm score value to the cervix than natural intercourse. That’s…a lot more sperm. Average success rates of CCI are as high as 20%, which is comparable to the more common and more expensive intrauterine insemination.

Why haven’t I heard about it?

That’s a great question! It’s worth bringing up CCI with your healthcare provider or any fertility specialist you’re working with. Despite it not getting talked about much, The Stork OTC continues to help many couples conceive safely, effectively, and within the comfort of their home.

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