Why expecting moms should use Care.com

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Your baby isn’t here yet, but you already know they are going to be so loved by you, your family, and your loved ones. That love is only going to grow after they arrive! A special babysitter, nanny, or other caregiver will come into their life and be lucky enough to love them nearly as much as you do. It’s going to be amazing!

First, you just have to find the right person. Searching for the caregiver to go on this beautiful journey with you and your little one is actually kind of a journey itself! Our partners at Care.com have everything you need to start the search for the right babysitter or nanny.

Plus, as an Ovia mom, you can save 20% on a premium membership. That means you’ll be able to contact unlimited candidates, read references and background checks, and find the caregivers who are just perfect for your family. If you can believe it, there are even more reasons why Care.com is great for expecting moms.

Finding the right care takes time

The caregiver you ultimately choose is going to be close to your family and become a significant part of your lives, so the right fit is essential. Some parents will spend months looking through candidates, conducting interviews, and checking references before finding the person they’ll trust with their little one.

Starting to look now means you’ll be able to have that perfect person ready to jump in when your baby is born. You won’t be scrambling at the last second or getting frustrated that you can’t find care. For the first night out, that day when you’re sick, or for when you go back to work, Care.com can help you start meeting qualified caregivers now.

You have a lot to juggle

Symptoms, fetal movement, weight gain, appointments, vitamins – you already have so much to keep track of. With Care.com, you can find all of your potential caregivers in one place, and you’ll easily be able to access their profiles, qualifications, references, and your message history with them. You also won’t be posting your job on a general website: everyone looking at your listing will be specifically looking for caregiving jobs.

Instead of keeping track of multiple website postings or sticky notes with random phone numbers, you’ll post your job, respond to caregivers, and search through profiles with one simple Care.com login.

You want to get to know your caregiver

This person is going to be handling precious cargo! Your neighbor’s daughter might have some experience babysitting, but an infant requires special attention and care that you’re more likely to find in a more experienced nanny or sitter. Using Care.com allows you to easily evaluate a caregiver’s experience, certifications, references, and background checks.

Starting your search while you’re pregnant means you can select the best candidates and interview them in person before your baby arrives. You can really get to know them and find out if it’s the right fit for both of you, especially if you’re looking for full-time care. Because your need isn’t immediate, you won’t feel rushed or need to “settle” for a caregiver you’re not totally thrilled about.

With a premium Care.com membership, you can contact unlimited caregivers, screen candidates, read background checks and references, and find the perfect caregiver for your family. And because it’s such an important resource for expecting moms, Ovia users receive 20% off premium memberships with the code OVIA20!

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