How couples can help improve fertility together

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Many of the positive lifestyle choices a woman can make to improve her fertility work for men too! You’re a couple, doing this as a team, and there’s a few things you can do to improve your fertility while bringing you closer together.

Stress free fertile windows

Trying to conceive is often stressful. Being stressed can negatively affect your fertility. Having lower fertility makes conception more difficult and more stressful. It’s a vicious cycle that’s easy to fall into.

You and your partner can get proactive about it! One strategy is to treat your fertile windows as mini-vacations from your everyday responsibilities. In the week leading up to your fertile window, work with your partner to be as productive as possible. Do every chore, make meals for the week, keep any shows you’ve been waiting to binge safely in your queue, all in anticipation of your fertile window so it can be as stress-free a time as possible.

Your couch isn’t Cabo, but it can be just as relaxing if you let it.

Having a partner makes fitness easier

Studies show that you get a lot more out of exercising if you do it with a friend. By committing to getting physical with your partner, it’s likely that your workouts will be more effective, you’ll enjoy them more, and you’ll be more likely to stick to your routine.

You’ve probably heard a lot about how important physical activity is for your fertility. It works the same way for men. Exercise also releases endorphins, and so is a great way to help each other relieve some of that TTC stress (and maybe inspire some baby-dancing).

Supplement at the same time

Fertility supplements can help regulate your cycle and improve the quality of the eggs your body is producing. They’re also great for your partner. They can improve sperm count, morphology, and motility.

Our partners at Pregnitude, a leading female fertility supplement, have recently introduced a companion supplement for men called Evolution60. It contains six ingredients which have each been scientifically shown to promote a healthy male reproductive system.

When you take Pregnitude and your partner takes Evolution60, you’ll help optimize your collective fertility.

Get tan together!

Vitamin D affects a number of fertility factors. While you’re busy de-stressing and getting fit, try and take some of those activities outside when you can.

The great thing about vitamin D is your body makes it on its own when you’re exposed to the sun. Whether that means going for a run or sunning in a park, have some dates outdoors.

It’s about the both of you

The best thing about working to improve your fertility as a couple is that when there are difficulties, they aren’t someone’s “fault”.

The two of you are doing everything you can, and encouraging each other the whole way. Another fertility power couple is the combo of Pregnitude and Evolution60. Ovia users can save $10 on either supplement with code OVIA10, or $25 when you buy both using the code OVIA25.

Tap the button below to learn more about them, and to start supplementing your fertility together!

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