Pro tips for busy breastfeeding moms

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It’s August, and that means it’s Breastfeeding Awareness Month. We’ve partnered with Edgepark to help every busy, breastfeeding mom (which is all of them) feel more prepared for their breastfeeding journey.

Think ahead, way ahead

Some moms are comfortable nursing anywhere, anytime, and that’s awesome. Wanting some privacy is awesome too; it just means you’ll need to do a little homework. Think about every location you’ll be visiting in a week, and try to check online or give them a call to see if there are any recommended nursing areas.

  • At a mall? Some department stores have a dedicated nursing area, or you could get creative and plan to dip into a nice changing room for a few minutes.
  • Making lots of stops around town? Maybe you plan your route so you can stop at home or a friend’s house in between destinations.
  • Attending an event? Lots of stadiums, airports, and colleges have started installing breastfeeding pods.
  • On the road for work? It’s possible an office you’re visiting could have a dedicated pumping area for their employees, or perhaps there’s a spare conference room that they’d let you book ahead of time.

This level of planning isn’t easy, but every time you aren’t forced to breastfeed in a bathroom (and we hope no mom ever is), you’ll be reminded it was totally worth the added effort.

Get your pump paid for

Having a breast pump, especially a portable one, will give you a lot more flexibility in your feeding schedule. It’s also one of the best tools for maintaining or even increasing your milk supply.

What moms in the know will tell you is that you may qualify to get a breast pump at little to no out-of-pocket cost by ordering it through Edgepark. Thankfully, our partners at Edgepark make the ordering process hassle-free, by working with your physician and insurance provider to verify coverage and obtain a prescription.

You can order any time during your pregnancy, and Edgepark will make sure you receive your breast pump directly at your doorstep. Depending on your insurance, Edgepark may be able to ship your pump prior to baby’s due date. Completing their qualification form takes about a minute, and you’ll be able to see all the great breast pumps Edgepark has available.

Set the stage

Most busy moms will find themselves pumping at some point. While pumping is a very different experience than nursing, it doesn’t have to be a negative one.

Create a positive pumping atmosphere for yourself by…

  • Hand expressing: Starting with five minutes of hand expression often leads to more milk produced. Think of it as time to get in touch with your body before you start the more “mechanical” practice of pumping.
  • Listening to music: Listening to music can help you shut out the world and feel present while you pump. It can also reduce stress, which has positive effects on supply.
  • Using a receiving blanket: Because nursing is a powerful mind and body experience, sometimes not seeing your pump can help get you in the right headspace. Covering yourself with a receiving blanket can help you picture your baby, and sometimes make the experience feel more natural. It will also keep you from staring at empty tubes wondering where your milk is! (Don’t worry, it’s coming, try to relax).

Talk about it

We’re so pumped (couldn’t resist the pun) to be working with our partners at Edgepark during Breastfeeding Awareness Month!

Having a breast pump can mean the difference between getting to breastfeed and not. Tap the button below to see if you qualify for a pump at little to no out-of-pocket cost from Edgepark, or share the information with a mom in your life.

See if you qualify

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