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So, let’s say you’ve spotted a breast pump that looks good. Maybe you’ve heard of the brand from a friend, maybe you’ve read some reviews, but you want to evaluate it for yourself. What do you look for? When comparing pumps, there are a few questions you should answer.

Is it a closed system?

This is a really important one. Whether a pump has an “open” or “closed” system has to do with how it’s built. An open system makes it possible for milk to make contact with the pump’s tubing and motor, while a closed system prevents this entirely. In addition, open systems are notoriously hard to sanitize.

Does it make pumping easier?

There are lots of breast pumps out there, and they all pump. So what else does your pump do?

Is it efficient? A double electric pump can make pumping twice as fast and save you a ton of time. Some also have customizable pumping styles and suction levels that make pumping a lot more efficient.

Is it convenient? A lightweight pump with a battery option makes a big difference if you’re going to be carrying your pump back and forth.

Is it connected? Imagine a fitness tracker, but…it’s not for your legs. Yes, there are pumps that can connect to apps to automatically keep track of your pumping sessions.

Our partners at Lansinoh make a unique pump called the Smartpump. It’s a portable, closed-system, double electric pump that connects to the Lansinoh Baby app to help you keep track of pumping and feeding. While it feels like there’s an app for everything these days, the functionality of the Smartpump is actually very useful and, dare we say, smart.

When connected, the Lansinoh Smartpump automatically tracks when and how long you pump. The app also helps keep track of the volume produced by each breast, how much and how frequently your baby is feeding, their growth patterns, and their diaper changes (after all, what goes in must come out!). You can download and share this information with your healthcare provider to ensure your little one is getting enough to eat. That’s a huge help!

The Smartpump has three customizable pumping styles and eight suction levels that mimic the way your baby nurses. This flexibility makes pumping easier and more convenient.

Is it available through insurance?

It’s likely that you could get the entire cost of your pump covered by your insurance.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with which pumps are available to you through this benefit. The quality of insurance-covered pumps is kind of all over the place. Luckily, there are a number of suppliers that will work with your doctor and insurance provider on your behalf to get you a quality pump for free. Lansinoh makes it easy to find one!

Tap the button below to find out if the Lansinoh Smartpump is covered by your insurance and start your order.

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