5 benefits of wearing your baby

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One way to think about how your baby will travel is to consider the position they’ll be in: are they sitting up or lying down? When you travel using a stroller or a car seat with a handle, your baby is essentially lying down. When you use a wrap, sling, or fastened carrier, you can “wear” your baby in a position that has them sitting up.

Our partners at Ergobaby recently introduced a new carrier they call the Omni 360. It’s a really cool all-in-one option for parents. With the Omni 360, you can start wearing your newborn from week one to month 36, no infant insert needed, and not only does it offer all carrying positions, you can easily switch your baby from facing out to facing you (or vice versa) whenever you need to. There are lots of great reasons to choose using a carrier when you explore the world together!

Healthy hip development

Sitting up isn’t just good for your little one’s ability to see you and the world, it’s also good for their development. Your baby’s spine, pelvis, and hips are properly supported when you use an ergonomically designed carrier.

The Omni 360 gently holds your baby in a natural “C” curve, just like how they are positioned in the womb. It also holds their hips in the proper “M” position, evenly distributing their weight. That’s the reason why the Ergobaby Omni 360 is recognized as a hip healthy product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. You won’t find a stroller with that kind of recognition.

Less stress for your little one

A carried baby rests against your chest and is easily able to make eye contact with you. That helps them directly feel your love and comfort for more hours of the day, which can have a profound soothing effect. Carried babies have been shown to sleep for more hours and fall asleep faster. They also cry 43% less overall and 54% less at night.

Go anywhere

A carrier allows you to travel with your baby across any terrain. Spend the day exploring the city or hanging out at home. Hit the grocery aisle or a tropical isle. Climb some stairs, or climb a mountain! We’re not going to tell an Ovia parent where they can and can’t take their baby. Just send us a pic from that mountain top!

Breastfeed as you go

It can take a little while for you and your little one to figure out, but with the right kind of carrier, you can actually breastfeed without ever having to put your baby down.

With the Omni 360, you can nurse anytime. Simply adjust the straps and hold your baby to your breast. The Omni 360 is also machine washable – because let’s face it, when you eat and run there’s always going to be a little mess. Maybe don’t actually run while your baby is breastfeeding?

A more confident you

Mothers have been safely carrying their babies for hundreds, if not thousand, of years. The security of feeling your baby pressed tightly against your chest is as good for them as it is for you.

Many new moms have experienced feeling trapped around the house when they have a newborn. The Omni 360 lets you wear your baby right from day one, letting you go anywhere, anytime, with your hands free and your baby safely resting against you. It’s an awesome feeling.

Take a closer look at the Omni 360, the all-in-one carrier that’s truly the only carrier you’ll ever need.

Check out the Omni 360

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