Why you might want to leave your registry open

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An “open” registry is one that you never “close.” Like your local convenience store, this registry is open 24/7!

Instead of letting your registry expire, you can choose to keep it around for a few years so family and friends can purchase things from it even after your little one arrives. Your registry becomes a constantly updating list of all the items your family needs most.

  • Sending birth announcements? Maybe someone wants to send you a gift in return.
  • Baby’s 1st birthday? Presents are taken care of.
  • Holiday? Your family knows exactly what to get.
  • Mother’s Day? Go ahead and put some things for you on there.
  • Loved one feeling generous? They can send a little help your way any time.

What kind of registry can you leave open?

Sometimes a registry requires you to put in a due date or baby shower date. Typically this is because they offer some kind of completion bonus or discount based on when you close the registry.

Discounts are great, and you should totally take advantage of them if you can. For an open registry strategy, you could continually update your due date or open a second registry with a made up due date further out.

A universal registry, which lets you register in multiple places and keep track of all the items on one list, will be more flexible and rarely has a close date. They’re a great choice for open registries because you can easily add and remove items as your needs change. Just search “universal baby registry” to find lots of options.

It’s low pressure

Some moms feel a little weird about having a baby shower. Letting people know that you have an open, ongoing registry means there’s no obligation to get you something from it at a particular time.

On the other hand, sometimes someone will want to put the shower in baby shower and really make it rain gifts. With an open registry, they won’t have to worry about looking like they went overboard by gifting you tons of things all at once.

You can meet the needs of your growing baby

Probably the greatest benefit of an open registry is that you’re able to get ongoing support that matches your baby’s developmental stage.

Pampers Swaddlers are a registry essential, and they are a great example of what makes an open registry awesome. They come in size NB-6 to meet baby’s needs all the way thru potty training.

So then, what size do you register for? How many boxes of each do you get? When you’re deciding before your baby is even here, it’s almost impossible to know.

Your open registry can be updated with the exact size Pampers Swaddlers you need so friends and family can keep you stocked up all year round. And why wouldn’t they? Pampers Swaddlers are the #1 choice of hospitals* and have a soft, blankie-like feel that provides Pampers best comfort and protection.

Tap the button to learn more about Pampers Swaddlers, and why they’re a great addition to any registry.

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*Based on sales of the newborn hospital diaper

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