What to expect from a free design consultation

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Our partners at The Land of Nod offer free design consultations. It’s a pretty incredible service from one of our favorite brands, and with absolutely no requirement to buy anything, it’s an awesome resource for any family.

If you’re wondering what all a consultation like this entails, then keep reading!

It’s all online

What most of us know about interior design, we’ve probably learned from home makeover shows. Yes, the advice you’ll get from Land of Nod is from an expert, but it’s a lot less dramatic than the “tear down this wall!” suggestions you’ll see on TV.

Almost all of Land of Nod’s design consultations happen completely online. That means you don’t have to worry about scheduling a visit to your home, or stress about having strangers in it. You will need to take a few measurements and photographs of your space, but don’t worry, Land of Nod designers have families too – they know what an active home looks like!

Real-life design services (no offense, HGTV) are easy and collaborative. Your Land of Nod designer wants to help you create a beautiful nursery that your family will love, not pressure you to deck it out in expensive furniture or anything you don’t need. Designing your nursery should be fun; Land of Nod is just here to help!

Use your stuff, your budget, and your space

Perhaps the coolest thing about Land of Nod design services is the way they design around what you already have. Whether you’ve got tons of hand-me-downs or you’re starting from scratch, your designer will help you pull it all together to match your aesthetic.

Don’t have much room? Even more reason to get in touch with Land of Nod. Their design experts can help you figure out how to make the most of the space you have, filling it with the essentials while making it look super cute, or cool, or couture, your call.

Get a complete design package

For a free service, you really get a lot out of it. You can expect:

  • Personal, direct email communication with your designer.
  • A custom Pinterest board created by your personal home stylist, complete with all their recommendations.
  • A helpful floor plan detailing how you can best use the space you have.
  • 3D renderings of the room, so you know exactly how things will look.
  • Recommendations for great Land of Nod furniture, decor, and more – all designed to last.

How do I start?

The first step is completing the Design Services Questionnaire. This will help your designer get an understanding of what you like and what your style is. It typically takes just a couple of minutes.

Once you’re done, a designer will get back to you typically within a couple of days. They’ll have some additional questions and request some photos and measurements of your space. From there, the collaborative design process is underway!

Tap the button below to start the questionnaire, or go bookmark the page so you can complete the Design Services Questionnaire when you have a little more time. We know you’re going to love free interior design services from The Land of Nod!

Get started

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