How moms benefit from wholesale shopping

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When you’re just feeding yourself, shopping typically isn’t something you need to strategize. You’ll pick up a few essentials when you have the time, and if you really need something, you can do a last-minute grocery run, right?

Once you’re a parent, it’s harder to rely on those spontaneous trips. You want to have certain items on hand all the time, and your grocery trips become more regular as a result. That’s why wholesale shopping can be so great for moms: as you learn what your family tends to run out of, you’re able to stock up on it and always have the right things on hand. At warehouse clubs like BJ’s Wholesale Club, you can even reserve items online before you pick them up in-Club to make sure you’re getting everything you need.

It helps your routine

Wholesale shopping saves time, which is a precious commodity when you’re a parent. When you shop wholesale, you’re more likely to plan your shopping trips in advance, know what day of the week you’re going, and have a more specific idea of what you’ll be buying than your average trip to the grocery store. Buying wholesale can also mean fewer shopping trips, which saves you time and money when you factor in transportation costs.

You need more non-perishables than ever

Non-perisha-what? Non-perishable items are all the things in your cabinets that won’t go bad if you forget about them (sorry, last week’s bananas). This goes for foods like pasta and canned goods, sure, but after your baby arrives, your most reliable non-perishables might just be your trusty paper towels. And the last thing you want is to reach for one to clean spit-up and find the roll totally bare.

Shopping wholesale allows you to get things like paper towels, toilet paper, and diapers to last you for several weeks, keeping you or your partner from having to run out for an emergency pack. The best part is that BJ’s Wholesale Club has club-size packs, which offer better value than smaller packs. By shopping there, you also save money by stocking up rather than buying smaller packs individually, which is great because…

You’re on a budget

It’s no secret that babies cost a lot of money, so even the most saving-savvy person budgets a little more once they become a parent. Wholesale shopping can offer savings you don’t even have to think about, and some warehouse clubs will give you even more savings on top of that. BJ’s Wholesale Club saves you up to 25% off grocery store prices and is the only membership club that accepts all manufacturers’ coupons, plus provides their own coupons, so it’s a great option for moms who are into coupons or just into savings in general.

BJ’s Wholesale Club values families, which is why they have a changing table in every restroom, special shopping carts for infants and toddlers, and organic products for available throughout the club. Plus, when you use, you’ll get free shipping on diapers, training pants, and wipes. For a limited time, when you sign up for a BJ’s Wholesale Club Membership, you’ll receive a free pack of Pampers (a $40 value). Find a BJ’s near you and use code AAEN40 to get your free Pampers.* Don’t forget it! Tap the button below to download the coupon offer, then you can screenshot it, save it to your phone, or print it – whatever works for you.

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*$40 in awards for your Free Pampers will be available 48 hours after enrollment. Enter Promo Code: AAEN40 This offer is valid in-Club only, may not be combined with other offers, is not redeemable for cash and is only good for new Members. Nontransferable. Limit one offer per household. Photo identification required when applying for Membership. Plus state and local taxes where applicable. Expires: 10/1/2017

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