Pregnancy pain

Pregnancy pain research

A study on the relationship between pain and emotional wellbeing on pregnant women’s quality of life.

Ovia and researchers from The University of Iowa invite pregnant women to participate in a research study designed to help understand the effects of back/pelvic pain and emotional well being on women’s quality of life during pregnancy. 

Why this study is important

Back and pelvic pain occur in at least 55% of pregnant women, while emotional distress occurs in 18% of pregnant women. Although pain and emotional distress may occur together and are physically related, we need more information to understand how they are associated. 

Our collaborators at The University of Iowa are trying to determine the impact of pain and emotional well being on the quality of life of pregnant women with a study called BetterLife. It’s possible that safely treating one symptom could improve the other.

What’s involved

First you’ll be asked to take a quick screening questionnaire. If eligible for the study, you’ll be asked to complete a 20 – 30 minute online survey.

As a way of compensating you for your time and effort, you will receive $15.

What kind of questions will be asked?

You’ll be asked questions about the severity of pain you might be experiencing, your emotional stress, and your general health during your pregnancy.  Your information will be kept confidential.

Get started

Ready? Sign up to take part in BetterLife! Your participation may help women all over the United States. Please tap the button below if you’d like more information about the study or to sign up.

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