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Meet Mimo, the Smart Baby Monitor

Sandwiched snugly between diapers and binkies, baby monitors have been among the staples of baby accessories for years. But for the union of monitor and camera, there have only been a handful of innovations in the monitoring space since you were lying in your own crib. Enter Mimo, the Smart Baby Monitor.

What is Mimo?

The Mimo Smart Baby Monitor by Rest Devices is the smartest baby monitor available. Consisting of a cozy kimono for your baby, a transmitting “Turtle” that attaches to it, and a WiFi connected “Lilypad”, the Mimo Smart Baby Monitor gives you insight about your baby’s sleeping and breathing patterns through its iOS and Android app. You can share it with your baby’s loving caretakers, toss the kimonos in the wash, purchase additional kimonos as your little one grows his or her cute rolls, and you can check in from across the room or across the globe.

What makes the Mimo Baby Monitor smarter than others?

Unlike traditional baby monitors that only transmit sound, the Mimo Baby Monitor identifies the information you need to know about your baby’s sleep and communicates that info real-time to your smartphone or tablet. Combining the listening ability of old baby monitors with cutting-edge technology, Mimo alerts you of changes in your baby’s breathing (so you don’t need to run in and check every 10 minutes), body position (super helpful especially for those early months when his/her neck isn’t strong enough, but s/he likes to roll over), and when you baby wakes up. And maybe the best part, Mimo lets you roam and still check in on your little one through the app (for those times when you have a business trip or date night).

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