Baby’s first Christmas gift ideas

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Sure, newborns don’t care about their first Christmas, but it’s a big deal for you. Mainly because the ritual of Christmas is beginning for a new (or expanding) family. So be sure to pull out all of the stops when it comes to celebrating baby’s first Christmas. And take lots of pictures. That way, when your second or third child is complaining that the oldest child has way more photos than they do, you’re totally covered. Below are five things you’ll want to make sure to do on baby’s first Christmas.

1. Baby’s first Christmas outfit

Take this opportunity to put your child in whatever adorable clothes you want. If you want the little one to wear a Santa hat, or dress them up like a reindeer, do it. This could be the one time you’re able to get away with it. Or put them in their first set of formal garb (you can only get away with putting a little girl in tights with ruffles for so long). Whatever you choose for your baby’s first Christmas outfit, it’s sure to make for a great photo!

2. Baby’s first Christmas ornament

Create a tradition in your home by purchasing an ornament for your child to commemorate their first Christmas. You can even keep it going over the years, adding one to the collection each Christmas. Customize it with whatever your child is into that year. When your child starts their own family, they’ll already have a collection of their own baby’s first Christmas ornaments to get them started.

3. Don’t forget about a new mom gift!

This is a big occasion for her too. She created a tiny human baby this year and does deserve to be pampered a bit. When buying new mom gifts, think about what she has the time to do. But also find something she wouldn’t buy for herself. Maybe a gift certificate for a mani-pedi, a great book she’s been wanting to read, or maybe even just the gift of time. Offering to watch the kids while she leaves the house can be one of the perfect Christmas gifts for new moms. In short, there are endless gift ideas for mom.

4. Remember: You’re buying a gift for a newborn

Since they don’t exactly have any gift preferences yet, talk to the new mom and dad about things they need for their new baby. It can be essential supplies like formula or diapers, or even something more decorative like gifts for the nursery. Chances are they might still need a few things like decorative accessories, accent furniture or more nursery storage.

5. When in doubt, give something with meaning

Christmas with a newborn is less about getting the latest and greatest baby gift and more about celebrating the new mom, baby and the growing family. Personalized gifts like framed photographs or a customized ornament will be treasured for years to come.

In the end, and above all else, baby’s first Christmas should be fun. There are no wrong ways to celebrate it, and there are more than enough gift options available at So take a look at our entire selection of baby toys and baby gifts, and you’ll be sure to find something to make baby’s first Christmas memorable for everyone.

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