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Why is healthy weight gain so important?

If you’re like many people, pregnancy might be among the only times in life when you’re actually looking to gain weight – and for good reason! Baby is totally dependent on you for these nine months, and a healthy, sufficient weight gain is one of the best ways to ensure that baby is getting all of the support he or she needs.

Why is weight gain so important?

Baby is doing a lot of growing and developing in your womb, and counts on you to deliver the nutrients needed. You’ve probably heard the term “eating for two,” and while you don’t really have to eat for two whole people (just think about how tiny baby is!), you probably need to up your food consumption by a few hundred calories each day to make sure baby gets enough to fuel to grow big and strong.

What are the risks of gaining too little, or too much?

The amount of weight you need to gain depends on a couple different factors, like your weight entering pregnancy, and what trimester you are in – gaining too much or too little, or gaining weight too quickly can all have some serious side effects for both you and baby, so it’s important to track your weight to make sure you’re staying on the right course.

Moms who don’t gain enough weight may risk interrupting baby’s development, as they may not get baby either enough energy to properly fuel his or her growth, or enough of the nutrients that make up the building blocks. Women who gain too much weight could put baby at risk of being born at a too-high birth weight, which could pose serious threats for both you and your child. Excess weight gain also makes certain pregnancy conditions like gestational diabetes far more likely, in addition to exacerbating regular symptoms, like swelling, heartburn, and fatigue.

How do I track my weight gain during pregnancy?

Like you would outside of pregnancy! Periodic weight gain check-ins can help you better understand the rate at which you are gaining weight, and what, if any, changes you may need to make to get back to the healthy range.

Tracking your weight to make sure that you’re staying within that recommended range is one of the best things you can do for your baby’s health and development. The Bellabeat Balance is a pregnancy smart scale that sends your weight information directly to the Bellabeat companion app to help you track your and your baby’s weight easier than ever before.

The Bellabeat Balance is made from recyclable wood and safe materials, so you have nothing to worry about with harmful chemicals or technology. And because the Balance is so sensitive, you can use it as a baby scale once your little present arrives. Unlike other scales, the Balance doesn’t have a distracting display: rather, it sends your weight information right to your phone and the Bellabeat app, tracking it for you so you can check it whenever.

Keeping your weight gain to a healthy range is a must during pregnancy, and the Bellabeat Balance can help you do just that. Tap the button below for more information!

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