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Should I play music to my baby?

Parents have been playing music to their growing babies since way back in ancient times, even before the iPod! Some research shows that playing music to your baby in the womb can stimulate them and cause an increase in heart rate, but at the very least you’ll be giving them a fast start in learning your favorite tunes!

Is it safe to play music to my baby in the womb?

Absolutely! When playing music, the primary concern for your baby is volume. If the volume is too loud, it could startle your baby. It is best to keep the volume at around 50 decibels; this is about the sound level of a quiet washing machine. And because amniotic fluid is a good conductor of sound, you can be sure that they’ll hear every harmony and melody even at a low volume.
Although many prefer playing baby their favorite tunes, others believe that the best sound a baby can hear is their parents’ voices, so if you’re up for it, talk up a storm to baby or sing them a lullaby!

Benefits of hearing sounds in the womb

Researchers have examined whether sounds–like music and voices–impact babies’ development in the womb, and the results suggest that they do. Studies have found that babies can absorb some language and music information once they reach about 30 weeks of age. As a mom-to-be, your voice resonates especially well because it comes from within your body, which is shared very closely with baby right now, and your voice often syncs up with your movements.

Using the Bellabeat Shell to play baby music

The Bellabeat Shell is a smart pregnancy monitor that doesn’t just let you listen to your baby inside the womb or out of it, but also allows you to play music or talk to your growing baby. Just record whatever songs or loving sentiments you want to pass along to baby, place the Shell over your bump, and press play!

The Shell is made of stylish European wood and doesn’t use any dangerous technology to transmit sound to baby, so you can rest assured knowing that your baby is safe while he or she is being entertained.

It’s unclear if playing Mozart to your baby will make them a little genius, but it sure won’t hurt! Tap the button below to find out more about the Bellabeat Shell.

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