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Listening to your baby’s heartbeat

It’s almost unfair: you’ve got this person who you want to meet and snuggle and talk to more than anybody else in the entire world, and they’re right there, so close…heck, they’re growing inside you! But due to this whole “gestation” thing, you’ve got to wait nine whole months.

But just because you can’t converse with baby yet doesn’t mean you can’t hear him or her! Technology like ultrasounds and fetal dopplers make it possible to listen to your baby’s little ticker, but these are either unavailable at home or expensive and difficult to use. The Bellabeat Shell makes it easy to get closer to your baby now by hearing his or her heartbeat and so much more.

Why track a baby’s heartbeat?

Tracking your baby’s heartbeat isn’t just a smart way to keep an ear on your little one’s health, but it can also help bring you closer to baby while he or she is still growing in your belly. Your healthcare provider might listen to your baby’s heartbeat at prenatal appointments to make sure that all is well, but the Bellabeat Shell allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat in the comfort of your own home. It also lets you record and share your baby’s heartbeat with loved ones, so everybody can join in on the moment.

How does the Shell work?

Bellabeat’s non-invasive technology uses highly sensitive sensors to record your baby’s heartbeat. The Shell then sends the info it collects via low energy Bluetooth technology to the Bellabeat app, letting you record and replay it any time. The Bellabeat Shell doesn’t use ultrasound waves or other agitating frequencies, so you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat with the comfort of total safety.

The Shell is made from high-quality European wood with protective layers of natural wax, so it’s as durable as it is stylish. All you have to do is connect your Shell via Bluetooth to the Bellabeat app, place the Shell over your belly, then listen to (and see!) your baby’s heartbeat!

What else does the Shell do?

The Bellabeat Shell doesn’t stop at recording your baby’s heartbeat: you can also send sound the other way too! The Shell lets you record your own voice, favorite music, or anything else, and play it to your growing baby. The Shell also acts as a baby monitor once your favorite little guy or girl is born, letting you keep a watch over baby no matter where you are.

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