5 things you didn’t know you could do with a registry

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You probably know the registry basics, but you might not know that you can ask for any item from any store or get weekly price alerts. Here are a few of the best registry hacks.

The best example of the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” might just be baby registries. Babies need a lot of stuff, and registries allow your loved ones to get involved and help out. Check out these tips to see how you can make the most of your registry experience with a universal registry from Babylist.

Add items from any store

When you register at a specific store, you’re usually limited to adding items from only that store. With a universal registry like Babylist, you can add items from any store or ecommerce site, including favorites like Ikea, Pottery Barn Kids, Nordstrom, and Walmart.

Link or combine registries

So you’ve realized you want a universal registry, but you’ve already spent ages working on the registry you have now. Don’t worry! With Babylist, you can link or combine all of your registries so that there’s only one link on your baby shower invitations.

Ask for indie gifts

There’s nothing as special as a gorgeous handmade gift. With your Babylist registry, you can register for unique items from your favorite indie boutiques and online makers. That hand-crafted rocking chair from your local boutique? Throw it on your registry. Organic cotton nursing bra from that cute Etsy shop? Throw that on there too.

Get a registry discount

So what happens to the items left on your registry after your baby shower? You get a 10% discount on all items from the Babylist store! You can get your code as early as 60 days before your due date, and it’s good until your baby is six months old, which gives you plenty of time to make sure you’ve got all of your essentials covered.

Get weekly price alerts

There’s no need to stay hunched over your computer, flipping between web browser tabs to stay on top of the latest deals, when you get weekly price alerts from Babylist. Find out that your dream crib is finally a teensy bit more affordable with an easy email from Babylist.

It’s not hard to hack your registry when your registry goes above and beyond. Create your Babylist registry now to take advantage all of all of these tips and more. And for a limited time, get a free Hello Baby Box filled with goodies for you and your baby when you register with Babylist.

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