Work together to improve your overall fertility

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As fun as being Team TTC can be, you and your partner are probably ready to join Team Expecting. There are tons of ways to boost your fertility, both individually and as a pair, that should help you make the team in no time.

Exercise and eat well together

Try making foods that are rich in antioxidants like blueberries, broccoli, and spinach part of your TTC diet. Antioxidants fight the free radicals in your body, which can be damaging to both sperm and egg cells. Eating well is just as important as getting exercise. Studies have shown that men who do cardio regularly have increased sperm count compared to those who do not.

Go for a long walk together or have a dance party to get that adrenaline pumping. Try to stick to moderate and low intensity workouts while you’re TTC, because high intensity workouts can actually work against both male and female fertility.

Use the right tools

Enhance your TTC efforts with tools that can help you get pregnant faster. Fertility supplements can make a major difference in his TTC experience; one study showed that taking vitamin C supplements can increase sperm count by more than 100%.

Tracking your fertility health data with Ovia can give you a better sense of your TTC progress by targeting your fertile window and helping you understand your ovulation cycle. But what about for him? You can help your partner track his health data with Trak, the male fertility testing system and free mobile app. The testing system ($199.99) is designed to boost his sperm count and is a great investment in his fertility health. The comprehensive system includes four months of FDA-cleared at-home sperm testing, as well as a 27-page reproductive health guide for men. It also comes with a free app that offers personalized nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle advice, which can really help him monitor and boost his sperm count.

Reduce stress together

So maybe meditating together isn’t your idea of the perfect date night, but there are many other ways to relax and reduce stress while TTC. Eat a candle-lit dinner together, watch a funny television show, or go for a scenic walk.

And enjoy the peace of mind that comes from tracking your and your partner’s TTC progress with Ovia and Trak. Check out Trak, the male fertility testing system and free mobile app, and save $25 with code OVIA25.

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