Things you can accomplish while pumping cordless

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When you’re tethered to a wall, it’s hard to get anything done that requires standing, or walking, or leaving your home, or, you get the gist. With a hands-free, portable pump like Willow, pumping doesn’t have to stand in the way of your productivity. Here are a few things you can check off your list while pumping with Willow.

Take that conference call

Whether you’re communicating with your professional team or your rambunctious extended family, you can answer the call when you’re pumping with Willow. Willow works quietly, so you can pump while you explain this quarter’s target metrics or iron out the details for this family reunion. No need to use the mute

Head for the great outdoors

Or at least the great out-of-your-home. Willow fits in your nursing bra, so you can pump while picking up ingredients for tonight’s dinner, or while playing with your older child at the park. You could even pump at a picnic, playground, or party. Willow fits under your shirt (no dangling bottles!)—so you can pump wherever and whenever you please.

Connect with your pals

Your pumping schedule doesn’t have to rule your social calendar with a cordless Willow Pump. There’s no need to worry if you’ve missed your usual pumping time while out on an adventure either, because the “>Willow iOS App keeps tabs on your pumping stats. Find out your milk volume and pumping duration in real time, and check out your past pumping info to determine what’s normal for you.

Tackle those household tasks

Unless you’re an overachiever, you probably don’t get around to vacuuming or washing the couch cover
too regularly. Make multitasking easier by pumping with Willow. Willow is battery-powered and rechargeable – a full charge lasts five pumping sessions. What’s more, Willow has only four parts, and two of them can go in the dishwasher.

In our do-it-all culture, women need a breast pump that can keep up. Tap below to find out why moms love pumping with Willow, and to get “>Willow yourself.

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