5 must-dos for the first trimester mom

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The first trimester can be a wild, unpredictable one – some moms might have trouble stomaching the very air they breathe, while others breeze through it. Even though every pregnancy is different, there are still some things that every mom should try to do.

  1. Take prenatal vitamins
    Even though baby might not be much bigger than your little finger tip, your nutrition already has a huge impact on baby’s growth and development. Taking a daily prenatal vitamin will help ensure that you get all of the vitamins and minerals that both you and baby need to be healthy and growing!
  2. Exercise
    The common wisdom about exercise during pregnancy sure has changed since in the past few decades, and is now recognized as an irreplaceable part of a healthy pregnancy. Ample exercise will help you get your body strong for the later months and labor, help manage your symptoms, and encourage a healthy weight gain, so it’s very important to be at least moderately active during the first trimester and beyond.
  3. CarrierMap from Recombine
    Did you know that you could pass on a genetic condition to your children, even if you don’t have a personal or family history of the disease? CarrierMap is a revolutionary carrier screening test that can help identify your risk factors for passing on a genetic condition to your children. Some genetic conditions are known as recessive diseases, which means a person needs two copies of the affected gene – one from each each parent – in order to develop the condition. A person with just one copy of the affected gene is known as a carrier: this person does not have the disease but can still pass it on to his or her children.

    CarrierMap is a blood or saliva test that assesses for carrier status of over 250 disorders, like cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia, to assess your risk of passing on a genetic disease to your children. Insurance usually covers CarrierMap. After taking the test, Recombine’s genetic counselors can work with you to understand the implications of your results and help guide your next steps. Tap the button below to learn more!

  4. Track your symptoms
    Pregnancy symptoms can be a nuisance, but they can actually tell you a lot about your body and the health of your pregnancy. Most symptoms are very common and harmless, but some may hint at greater problems and certain pregnancy-related conditions. Tracking your symptoms can help you better understand your body and manage your symptoms, so you’ll know if those headaches are normal or signs of something else.
  5. Plan your finances
    Baby won’t be here for a few months, but it’s already time to start planning your family’s finances for baby’s arrival. From major purchases like a crib and stroller, to any insurance adjustments you’ll need to make with your bigger family, to planning maternity leave and a return to work, the number of financial changes in your life that come from a new baby is seemingly limitless. Every day of pregnancy brings new obligations and challenges, so it’s best to start planning early before the financial stress builds up.

There are many more components of a healthy pregnancy, but taking care of these five must-dos is a great start. Tap the button below to learn more about how carrier screening with Recombine can help you make the most informed family healthcare decisions possible.

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