We know what your registry is missing

You’ve covered the basics, added some fun clothes and furniture, even a few big ticket items you’d love to have but don’t really expect to get…so what’s missing? Well, how about all the stuff you can’t buy in a store?

Some of the most useful things that could be on your registry are services that will add more time to your day and remove stress from your life. A universal registry is a tool that allows you to shop for anything, from anywhere, and let your friends and family support you in ways that go far beyond consumer goods.

Favor Coupons:

We’re putting this one first because it’s our favorite. Sometimes your friends and loved ones just don’t have means to get you something from your registry. Groups will go in together on a high-priced item, but individuals will be left feeling like they want to do something personal or special.

Bam! Here’s the solution. BabyList, a universal registry, lets you add help and favors to your registry. They even designed cute coupons for them, just search help and favors when you create your registry at BabyList. You can ask your friends to help you cook, clean, take care of your baby for a while, or even sign up to bring you some gently used hand-me-downs.

Meal Services:

Taking care of a new baby creates time constraints you just can’t predict. Making healthy meals often takes a back seat to changing, breastfeeding, and trying to catch up sleep.

There are a number of meal services you can sign up for on the web. From simple grocery delivery, to getting complete meals on your doorstep, even picking dates to be visited by a personal chef. With a universal registry like BabyList you can select the perfect service to meet your needs.

House Cleaning:

As simple as it sounds. The last thing you’ll want to do when you’ve finally put baby down for a nap is to go dust shelves. Signing up for a monthly house cleaning service is actually reasonably affordable, and one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Your friends and family would be happy knowing that something they picked from your registry helped you take a load off.

Postpartum Doula:

A doula’s services can extend far beyond pregnancy. Similar to the above, some doulas offer cooking and cleaning. What’s great about using a doula for these services is that you’re getting them from a baby expert. They can show you baby safe cleaning products and how to maintain a breast milk-friendly diet.

A postpartum doula is also a powerful educational resource for any new parent. They can show you everything from how to change a diaper to how to properly store breast milk. Asking such simple questions of friends and family can be embarrassing. By having a supportive expert on hand, your transition into parenthood will be far less stressful.

Just about anything else:
No matter what you decide to put on your registry, BabyList has you covered. Tap the button below to sign up now!

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