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Quiz: Are you TOO prepared for your baby?

You’ve got a little one on the way and there’s a lot to do before they get here. While you want to make your baby’s transition into the world an easy one, there is such thing as going too far. Are you taking the right precautions? Are you taking too many? Take this quiz and find out.

How many parenting books have you read?

None! We’re all set
1 – 3
4 – 7
More than 7

Does your family have a history of disease?

No idea
Maybe, I’ll ask my parents
Nope, thank goodness
Yes, I’ve got all the details

You reach for a snack, what is it?

Whatever food you find
Something, but you check labels
Your usual organic fruit or chocolate
Just prenatal vitamins

What kind of preschool will your baby go to?

Whatever is nearby
The most exclusive possible
My baby is staying home!

How detailed is your birth plan?

Playing it by ear
Hosptal bag = check!
Simple 4-point plan
We’ve run drills

Are you planning to bank your baby’s cord blood?

I haven’t heard of that
We’re considering it
I plan to
I’ve already ordered my kit

‘Make sure you answer the quiz questions first!’
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