Easy ways to adapt her wardrobe to the season

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Moms wear about a million hats. You’re mushy-food chefs, lego engineers, and nook-and-cranny cleaners. On top of all that, you’re personal shoppers too! With these simple seasonal hacks for your tiny Twiggy, certifying your child’s style has never been easier.

Brighten her day

Whether you’re an avid fashion blogger or allergic to the mall, you’ve probably noticed that people wear darker colors and more muted tones in the fall and winter. Maybe this is to match the veggies that are in season: squash, anyone? Or maybe it’s to signal our eagerness for hibernation.

Either way, you can make sure your child blends in with the season by switching out one of the more major part of her wardrobe, instead of the entire thing. Choosing one lower cost item to buy in bulk, like leggings, is an easy way to make sure your child looks like they walked right off the runway and into your arms.

Weather the storm

Sweaters, onesies, and blankets with hoods are perfect for keeping your child extra cozy when the weather gets cooler, and ensuring that not too much heat escapes from her head! Bonus points if the hood has ears to turn your little one into a lion cub or little koala.

Accessories like teensy rainboots are worth the investment if your little one is toddling or walking on her own, and if you live in a climate with fairly frequent drizzle. Otherwise, save money by investing in other seasonal hacks.

Keep on venting

Children are actually prone to overheating, so it’s important to dress them in convertible outfits. It’s a good rule of thumb to dress your child in as many layers as you’re wearing, plus or minus a layer. If your baby is under six months old, her skin is especially delicate, so it’s best to dress her in long, breathable layers to protect her sensitive skin from the elements.

Gauzy fabrics and light colors can help children of all ages stay cool and covered, no matter the temperature.

Un-bow-lievable style

The easiest way to keep your child stylish and on-trend for the season is to switch up her accessories. But on top of all your other parenting duties, you shouldn’t have to keep running to the store to pick up this season’s best looks. This is where Little Poppy Co. comes in.

Get three super cute bows each month, delivered right to your door with Little Poppy Co. The bows are perfectly matched to the season’s trends, and each box comes with color pairing charts and style ideas. Little Poppy Co. makes moms’ lives easier with convenient bows, expert style ideas, and never-ending inspiration, all for just $11.99/month plus shipping.

As a mom, it’s not easy to have it all together, but Little Poppy Co. makes it easy to be put together. Tap below to ensure your child’s seasonal style with a Little Poppy Co. subscription.

Get started

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