How to be a green diaperer

Seems impossible? Yeah, sorry about that. We’re not going to lie, sometimes it isn’t easy. Here’s what to look for in a diaper if you’re striving to be an environmentally friendly parent:

  • What it’s made of: Is your diaper made of renewable materials? Most disposable diapers aren’t, and many cloth diapers are made from cotton, which isn’t an environmentally friendly crop. Take a look at Bambo Nature diapers, which are made from certified safe and eco-friendly materials. materials that are certified safe and eco-friendly.

    You’ll also want to avoid potentially harmful chemicals, dyes, and perfumes. Seek out a company like Bambo Nature which is dedicated to using natural and hypoallergenic materials. That means no dangerous chemicals and no allergens.

  • How it’s made: This one is likely to take some looking into. Are your diapers of choice being made using an environmentally friendly manufacturing process? You’ll probably need to check their website.

    For instance, Bambo Nature has a process that ensure 95% of their factory waste is recycled into usable materials. They guarantee the use of sustainable materials and that their manufacturing process makes them the world’s most eco-friendly diaper. That’s admirable, which is why we mention it, but it isn’t something you’ll likely find detailed on their packaging.

  • Where it goes: If you’re using a cloth diaper, you’ll want to use a high-efficiency washer and ideally a clothing line to dry. Repeatedly washing your diapers and washing them in a machine can undo a lot of the ecological benefits of using cloth diapers.

    When selecting a disposable diaper, it’s important to know your areas’ laws regarding recycling and composting. Some diapers tout their biodegradability, but if you don’t have a composting program, or one that accepts human bio-waste, then you won’t benefit from using them.

    Also be careful of what bag you use for your recyclable diapers. Putting something that is designed to easily compost into a plastic bag defeats the purpose.

  • It actually works: This is the last thing, and probably the most important. Any diaper can make claims about comfort, absorbency, and eco-friendliness, so we recommend that you try a few and find the solution that works for you and for your baby.

If you’re interested in a diaper with a long history of commitment to sustainability, click below to learn more about Bambo Nature diapers.

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