7 ways to prevent diaper rash

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If death and taxes are life’s two certainties, then diaper rash comes in a close third. Skin irritation in your baby’s diaper area is almost inevitable, but you can stop it before it becomes a serious problem. Here are 6 simple steps to take:

  1. Rinse bums and hands
    Severe diaper rash is most often caused by ammonia. How’d that get in your baby’s diaper?! It is formed when their urine mixes with bacteria from their poop. You can prevent this mixing by changing diapers frequently and keeping your baby extra clean.

    Make sure you regularly wash anywhere that a diaper covers. Also wash your own hands thoroughly both before and after cleaning, as you don’t want to accidentally spread germs.
  2. Let things air out
    It’s true – oxygen and natural light can kill certain bacteria. Whether your baby’s diaper rash is being caused by too much moisture or irritation from their diaper, the simplest solution is to just take the diaper away. That’s right, set them free for a few hours! (Well, when and wherever that’s possible)

    Some diapers, like Bambo Nature diapers, are designed to be 100% breathable. This keeps baby’s skin dry by letting heat and humidity escape the diaper. If you’re worried about the development of diaper rash, particularly during the night when you aren’t checking, this is a great feature to look for in a diaper.
  3. Don’t be too tight
    Another way to air things out is to use a looser diaper. This will help keep your baby dry. Tight-fitting diapers can also cause chaffing, so try fastening the diaper not too tightly, or switch to a larger size.
  4. Pat, don’t scrub
    When cleaning and drying, use patting or blotting motions rather than scrubbing. Your baby’s skin is sensitive and hard rubbing can irritate it. When skin is raw it is more prone to infection, and that means more diaper rash.
  5. Absorbency
    We can’t talk about keeping baby dry and not mention the simplest, and perhaps most essential method. The more absorbent your baby’s diaper, the more liquid it can keep off your baby’s skin. That means less chance of diaper rash. Some disposable diapers, including Bambo Nature diapers, are made with super absorbent materials that can soak up many times the moisture of a cloth diaper.
  6. Avoid allergens
    There are a lot of potentially-irritating things that your baby’s sensitive areas come in contact with on a regular basis like soap, laundry detergent, wipes, diapers, lotions, and clothes. The typical wisdom is that when you suspect an allergic reaction, you change things up.

    We recommend making the list of possible allergens smaller. Bambo Nature diapers are designed to be 100% hypoallergenic, meaning they contain no known allergens. When your baby’s skin is moist or irritated it becomes susceptible to allergens. So, you can eliminate the diaper as a source of your baby’s discomfort by using one that keeps baby’s skin dry and is completely free of any potentially harmful materials.
  7. Use ointment
    A good ointment or lotion can both repair your baby’s skin and create a barrier between a chafing diaper or irritating urine. There are plenty of products made for doing this, but often enough old-fashioned petroleum jelly (Vaseline) will be enough to do the trick. You don’t need much.

When it comes to diaper rash, there are lots of things to try, so test around and find the option that works for you. If you’re in the market for a comfortable, allergen free, environmentally sustainable diaper (and who isn’t?) we recommend going with Bambo Nature.

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