5-minute tasks for a healthier pregnancy

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Sometimes it feels like nine months of pregnancy can pass by in an instant, and other times it can feel like an eternity. Fill those longer moments with pouches of productivity. Below are a few ways to keep your pregnancy healthy and comfortable in just five minutes.

Breathe in…breathe “om”

Stretching during pregnancy can make a big difference in your comfort day-to-day and during delivery. Take those extra few minutes in the waiting room at your provider’s office or while you’re on the phone to stretch out those hamstrings or quads. You can even squeeze in a handful of deep breaths before your five minutes are up. Be sure to check with your healthcare provider to make sure that your stretching routine is in line with your pregnancy health goals.

Chop chop

Having to spend ten minutes chopping veggies can be a deterrent when you’re hoping for a quick healthy snack. Avoid this dilemma by preparing some foods in advance. If you take five minutes to chop up carrots or red peppers and place them in single-serving bags or tupperware, you’ll have one less barrier to cooking with them. Or, you can take them on-the-go with hummus or another dip for later!

Get your Vita-fill

Prescription prenatal vitamins may have almost twice as much folic acid as over-the-counter prenatal vitamins, and unlike OTC prenatal vitamins, may contain more iron. In just five minutes, you can call your healthcare provider to see if Vitafol prescription prenatal vitamins are right for you, get your prescription, and even download a coupon to show at the pharmacy.

Plan your packing

A million and one books and blogs will tell you what you need to pack in your hospital bag, but have you tailored any of those lists to your specific needs? It takes only a few minutes to refine that list by selecting which robe you’ll bring, choosing which earbuds you’ll want, and adding Vitafol prescription prenatal vitamins to your must-have list. It’s just as important to take prenatal vitamins while breastfeeding! Though you might want to start calling them postnatals.

Five minutes can make a major difference in your pregnancy comfort and health. Tap below to collect your co-pay card (it’s like a coupon for purchases you make through your insurance), so you can get Vitafol prescription prenatal vitamins for as little as $18.

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Disclaimer: It’s always a great idea to check with your healthcare provider before engaging in any new activities while pregnant.
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