7 reasons to use a wrap

Wrap style carriers are pieces of long cloth that encircle your body and your baby. They hold them close while leaving your hands free. Wraps have no clasps or straps and offer many different positions for holding your baby at various ages.

There are lots of options when it comes to carrying your baby. Find the one that works best for you, and read on to learn more about why a wrap might be a good choice.

Fine tune while you roam

Since there are no straps and buckles, you can easily adjust a wrap to keep you and baby comfortable as you go about your day. Plus, there’s nothing to dig into your skin. Certain wraps, like the ones from Boba, contain spandex material so they keep their shape no matter how you or baby move.

Holds baby close

Infants greatly benefit from being held close for prolonged periods of time. With a wrap you’ll get lots of skin-to-skin touching, eye contact, and opportunities to learn your baby’s cues.

Provides an ergonomic position

This is a big one! Your infant’s body is developing and taking shape. A wrap offers maximum leg, back and neck support that conforms to every curve of your growing baby.

Encourages longer periods of sleep

Babies who are carried in a wrap remain more calm and transition better from one sleep state to another. They also sleep longer in general. Sleep is about to become a precious commodity, and for many that makes using a wrap as good as gold.

Affordable enough to color coordinate

You are allowed your vanity. Depending on the wrap you choose to go with, they can come in multiple colors and patterns. This is also useful if you want a cute wrap while your partner would prefer a more…monochromatic look.

Having multiple wraps also lets you have a backup in your laundry rotation. Which, if you are just buying extra wraps for fashion, is a lovely excuse.

Babywearing is the best

Wearing your baby, particularly when they are an infant, has a ton of benefits when compared to strollers and cribs. It’s better for baby’s body, it’s better for their neurological development, and for building bonds with parents. If you would like to read a very well structured argument for carrying your baby, please check out this article from Boba.

Nurse on the go

Not only does a wrap let you be hands free, but it can serve as a nursing cover in a pinch. Your baby is already pressed against your body and their face is against your chest. We’re not saying you SHOULD nurse while you grocery shop, but knowing that you COULD is pretty empowering.

Wraps are healthy for baby, make life easier for mom, and are a versatile way to carry baby while going about your day. Learn more about wraps available from our sponsor Boba.

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