5 benefits of wearing your baby

When you head out to explore the world with your baby you’ve got a lot of options for how to get from A to B. Some alternatives, like a stroller, seem convenient but might not actually be your best choice.

The primary ways to travel with your baby can be broken into two categories: carried or laying. Laying would be something like a stroller or a car seat with a handle. Carrying is done with a wrap, sling, or other fastened carrier.

In this article, we’ll be advocating for carrying your baby when you travel, particularly using a baby wrap, or soft-structured carrier.

  1. Preterm baby care
    Preterm babies need special attention. There’s a parenting term referred to as “Kangaroo Mother Care” or KMC for short. It refers to the act of holding your premature baby, skin-to-skin, for several hours at a time.

    This practice was originally developed for taking care of preterm babies when an incubator is unavailable. By holding the baby to her chest, a mother can actually help her baby’s body self-regulate temperature, breathing, and digestion.

    This closeness also promotes bonding between mom and child, which is psychologically healthy for both of them. Carrying your baby, particularly with a carrier or wrap that faces in, can promote these positive effects in infants of all ages. For more, we recommend this article from our sponsor Boba.

  2. Peaceful baby
    A carried baby feels your love and comfort for more hours of the day, which has a profound soothing effect. Carried babies have been shown to sleep for more hours, and fall asleep faster. They also cry 43% less overall and 54% less at night.
  3. Healthy baby
    A series of studies show that babies who are carried gain weight faster than more idle stroller babies. They also develop better coordination and muscle tone, meaning they’ll be exploring the world sooner and with more confidence.

    Some carriers are better for baby than others. A well designed carrier or wrap, like the ones you’ll find from Boba, will properly support baby’s head and legs while keeping baby’s back in a curved position. When comparing Boba carriers to other designs, think of it as the difference between sitting in a chair and dangling from a harness. Which would you rather do all day?

    A carrier allows you to travel with your baby across any terrain. Tackle uneven sidewalks or muddy fields, climb stairs or climb a mountain. We’re not going to tell an Ovia mom where she can and can’t take her baby. Just send us a pic from that mountain top!
  5. A more confident you
    Mothers have been safely wrap carrying their babies for hundreds, if not thousand, of years. The security of feeling your baby pressed tightly against your chest is as good for them as it is for you.

When you liberate yourself, knowing that you can go anywhere, anytime, with your hands free and your baby safely resting against you…you’ll feel like a whole new parent. Visit our sponsor Boba to learn more and start carrying!

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