Why your partner needs to bond with baby

You might not realize it, but bonding is incredibly important for both parent and child. It’s a process that can take genuine effort, but the lasting effects of time spent bonding are their own rewards.

Makes partners a more observant parent

The more time that your partner spends with baby, the more they will grow to understand their needs. Bringing comfort to baby increases their attachment. Providing that comfort increases attachment. It’s a really wonderful cycle that you shouldn’t wait to set in motion.

One way to get lots of quality time with baby is to use a hands free carrier. You can spend all day with baby pressed closely to your chest and yet still do just about anything you normally would. We really like the wraps made by our sponsor Boba. They’re stretchy, dependable, and better for baby’s body.

Good for partner’s future

Dedicating oneself to a child also has positive effects on the adult. Engaged parents broaden their horizons and are more likely to socialize and assume leadership roles in their community and professional lives.

Good for baby’s future

A 2001 study found that a partner’s affection has equal impact on an infant’s psychological wellbeing as a mother’s. Other studies show that babies with a strong attachment to a paternal figure are more curious and willing to explore their world.

Easier toddlers

Children that have formed strong bonds with their parents are better at managing stress, more easily form relationships with their peers, and are more confident. This all makes for a toddler that does better in school, has more playdates and is typically comfortable with alone time. Trust us, that’s all very important for their well being and yours.

Mom gets a break

This is the obvious one. When your partner has a strong bond with baby, it means that baby has someone else to turn to for comfort. That makes the job of parenting less stressful for everyone involved.

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