A bottoms-up guide for new parents

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There are few certainties for new parents, but one thing’s for sure – there will be diapers. Lots of them. New moms and dads will be confronted with a ton of choices – cloth or plastic? How many diapers is enough? What size is right for my newborn?

Our sponsor Diapers.com comes to the rescue. Their team has compiled a diapering guide to help you make the right choices for your family.


Just like babies, diapers come in a variety of sizes. It might seem daunting at first, but don’t let the options worry you. You can always select smaller-count boxes in multiple sizes.

For brand new babies, we recommend the “newborn” size, but because your baby will quickly grow out of the newborn stage, we advise registering for just one box. As your baby grows, you’ll want to stock up. In the first year, you’ll go through sizes 1-6. During this time, you’ll buy the most diapers (especially sizes 3 and 4). For more recommendations on pack sizes, see the quantity section below.

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Every baby is different, so there’s really no right answer as to how many diapers you’ll need. To get started, we recommend registering for a few diaper boxes per size. You can order more once you get to know what works best for your baby. If you have the space, register for more diapers in the bigger sizes. When you first start purchasing diapers, buy smaller pack sizes of different brands to test out which work best for your baby.

We recommend:

  • Newborn: One case
  • Sizes 1 and 2: One to two cases each
  • Sizes 3 and 4: Three to four cases each
  • Sizes 5 and 6: Two cases each
  • Training pants: Two cases each

With so many types of diaper packs, it can get confusing! Here’s our cheat sheet for figuring it all out:

  • Jumbo Packs: These are the smallest pack sizes and are good for about a week (perfect for taking on vacation or that trip to Grandma’s).
  • Packs (including Value, Giant and Super): It varies by brand, but the count size is between a jumbo pack and a case. Packs can last anywhere from 1 week to 45 days.
  • Cases: The biggest in terms of count size, cases are intended for buying in bulk and usually last from 30 to 45 days.
  • Note: The amount of diapers per pack or case varies by brand, diaper type, and diaper size. Make sure to check the packaging for an accurate count.

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In some ways diapers are not that different from your smartphone– they can come with many features, some of which are essential to certain shoppers, and some with upgrades that you just don’t need or want. To help you navigate key diapers features, check out the definitions below:

  • Natural: Typically chlorine-free and fragrance-free, plus less dyes.
  • Sensitive: Made especially for baby’s extra soft skin.
  • Wetness indicator: Strip on outside of diaper that lets you know when baby’s ready for a diaper change.
  • Absorbency: A diaper that quickly absorbs, while still staying soft against baby’s skin, is key.
  • Softness: Look for diapers that are gentle on baby’s soft skin.
  • Fit: A well-fitting diaper helps prevent against leaks.
  • Stretchy sides: Give your baby the freedom to move around comfortably.
  • Cloth diapers: It’s ideal to have about eight cloth diapers on hand (you’ll need to rotate diapers in and out when some are in the wash).
  • Overnight diapers: More absorbent than a regular diaper, these offer nighttime protection, plus are handy for long car rides!
  • Swim diapers: For use at the pool or beach, these infant and toddler diapers fit tighter than regular diapers.


Just because you’re changing 10 to 12 diapers a day doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. You can find a number of exciting prints to suit your child’s developing personality – and your taste. Some of us might be giraffe people while others are skull people. Whatever your style, there’s a diaper for you and your baby.

We hope you feel better equipped to handle the amazing, beautiful bundle coming your way. If you start feeling overwhelmed, don’t forget to experiment with a few brands before settling. And remember that our sponsor Diapers.com is there to make your life as a new parent as easy as possible with fast, free 1-2 day delivery on all orders over $49.

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