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Will having orgasms help me conceive?

It’s possible–there is certainly logic to the idea, but there isn’t really any thorough research to back it up.

Orgasms to help conceive?

It’s important to note, that having an orgasm definitely won’t HURT your chances, so even when you’re having intercourse with a reproductive purpose in mind, go for the Big O!

How might orgasms help with conception?

When a woman has an orgasm, her uterus undergoes involuntary contractions, which according to the theory, can result in a sort of vacuum that helps pull sperm to the egg more quickly. This logic makes sense, and there are certainly scientists who buy into this theory, namely Drs. Robin Baker and Mark Bellis, who in 1993 proposed that the female orgasm is an evolutionary adaptation meant to help with conception. However, there is not an overwhelming amount of evidence to back this up.

The bottom line

Having an orgasm definitely won’t hurt your chances of conceiving, and even if the “vacuum” theory doesn’t prove true, having an orgasm can be an indicator that you’re comfortable, which is really the most important thing to consider when having intercourse to conceive. So whether you orgasm or don’t, just try to relax, be diligent about timing your intercourse when you’re fertile, and the rest should take care of itself.

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