6 products to try when you’re trying for a baby

Trying to conceive can be stressful — which can work against you. Here are our recommendations for making the process easier, more enjoyable, and hopefully more successful for you and your partner.

  1. Fertility Monitor
    There’s a window of opportunity — and a fertility monitor makes it super-easy to identify. It tells you your 6 most fertile days at a glance, so you can spend less time making charts, and more time well, you know…
  2. Massage Candle
    This candle isn’t about pouring hot wax on your partner. It provides a soothing ambience, light aroma, and actually melts into a warm massage oil.
  3. Body Butter
    We’re not sure about the effectiveness of the “pheromones” contained in this body butter, but we are positive that approaching your partner with soft, glowing skin is a sexy way to get intimacy started.
  4. Dual Shower Head
    Trying to conceive should be fun! Sportsheets has made a showerhead that is designed specifically for sex in the shower, which could add some va-va-voom to your efforts. That’s…kind of awesome. (We’re sure you can use this for regular showering as well.)
  5. Liberator Original Label Wedge
    There is a school of thought that positional furniture can help to give your conception efforts a boost by making intercourse a little more comfortable and pleasurable.
  6. Kegel Barbell
    Kegels are nature’s sexual enhancer. If you plan to conceive, kegels are an important part of preparing your body to give birth. Plus, having more control over one’s vaginal muscles can increase pleasure for both partners.

Intimacy is a valuable part of any relationship, no matter how you choose to express it. Soap.com is a great resource not only for everyday essentials, but also for all those little things that you might not be comfortable buying in a store. Best of all, they’ll arrive in discreet packaging, and orders over $49 are delivered free in just 1-2 days.

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